Startups Greece: Programme by OAED providing subsidy to enterprises for new job creation for vulnerable social groups

The Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) continues to receive requests for (a) a three-year programme on new jobs for the recruitment of 2,300 unemployed with disabilities, persons who have recovered from substance addiction, ex-prisoners, juvenile delinquent individuals or young people at social risk and (b) for a programme providing subsidy to 50 posts for the ergonomic […] Read more

Sep, 01, 2014


Greek Startup Manifesto

The Greek Startup Manifesto Greek economy has experienced an unprecedented collapse after 2009, resulting in a GDP decrease by almost 30% (the greatest for any European country in peace time), unemployment of 28% and youth unemployment as high as 65%. For Greece to recover, the country needs to achieve high growth rates, rates which no […] Read more

Mar, 06, 2017



WHY to invest in GREECE now? I’ve been making some thoughts that I want to share with you, in terms of why should someone buy property in Greece NOW!!, before he regrets not having done so: • Because he recognises that the financial crisis won’t last forever but also that the low prices of Greek […] Read more

Nov, 29, 2014


Big fortunes can be built at times when the economy is in crisis, as long as you spot and exploit the opportunities.

- Paulo Moreira